We at AG Acoustics Distribute products from World renowned brands such as Kv2 Audio, CELTO Acoustique, TOA, Marani, Mackie, Audiotechnica & Tango. We have extensive warehousing facilities and hold stocks for all these brands which we supply to our pan India dealer network and Leading Rental and SI companies.

Audio isn’t something that can be understood thru catalogues or spec sheets and hence we have invested in a Acoustically Treated Demo Room where we invite prospective clients to come and see, hear and feel the products for themselves. This takes the buying experience to a whole new level with the customer getting a first hand feel of the product.

We have our own in-house service Center and are authorized service centers for all the brands we represent.

Celto Acoustique

Unlike the vast majority of Western famous brands subcontracting products under OEM/ODM deals, CELTO Acoustique has a fully owned production facility that represents 5 buildings on 25,000m2 area for a total of 10,000m2 workshop space. We integrate design, engineering, production and quality control under strict European standards.

KV2 Audio

At KV2 we strive to bring art and science together, to reveal the true emotion in a performance. Our products are designed not just to provide a solution for sound reproduction; they are built with the intention of providing the optimum listening experience and enjoyment for the audience. To deliver something special, something beyond expectation

Tango Audio

Tango is a partner dance that originated in the 1880’s in South America among the hard working slave community. They say, “It takes 2 to Tango” the rest is history. Keeping the same spirit of partnership, handwork and cost effectiveness we bring you Tango Audio. We are an Audio products buying house for large OEMs sourcing high quality products.

TOA Corporation

TOA Corporation is a specialist manufacturer of sound equipment for 
commercial and professional use as well as video equipment. Since its founding in 1934, TOA has grown to include bases both in Japan and overseas. The company currently supplies productsto more than 120 countries around the world.

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